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GS Group Partnership

Introducing our new insurance partner, GS Group, a top 100 UK broker providing insurance broking and financial services to both business and personal customers across the whole of the UK.
Set up 25 years ago, GS Group have grown to become one of Scotland’s largest insurance brokers with a unique mind-set. They look at the problems that customers face in managing their insurance requirements and structure the company as well as their operations in order to be able to solve those problems and to meet those requirements.

GS Groups values align strongly with our own; offering a pro-active service where they actively manage your insurance programmes, as well as always striving to deliver the best value for every client. Their dedicated focus on client relationships ties in prominently with our vision to offer flexible solutions that suit our clients.
As well as ensuring everything they do is what is best for the customer, GS Group are also highly innovative in their ventures as a technology led company where they constantly look at how they can harness new systems and new ideas to solve old problems. This is where their Incident Claims App came from, an app that speeds process, reduces costs and ultimately reduces premiums as it helps you through an incident.

Should you have any questions, or would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.