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It was a fairly short budget this year and obviously a budget aimed at the May 2015 elections and measures to be implemented in the next parliament. The chancellor reflected on the fall in the oil price (good for the economy as a whole), the downward forecast for world economic growth, the eurozone and political uncertainty.


25th February 2015

We currently have spacious offices for lease in Bon Accord House on Riverside Drive, Aberdeen.  

The fully serviced offices comfortably fit 20 desks and include 2 separate offices and a welcoming reception.

Access to meeting rooms is available together with a fast 10MB leased line.  

The bright open space is enhanced further by amazing riverside views creating a stimulating working environment. 


For further information or viewing contact Steven McKenzie on 07889 995457 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

There was a lot in the Autumn statement this year, the big ticket items being divulged over the past few days i.e additional £2bn for NHS, £15bn for transport. The chancellor went through the usual forecasts and projections for deficit, GDP, growth and unemployment which obviously had an optimistic spin with a May 2015 election looming. But what were the measures and impact for business and individuals as a whole?


What is an EBT?

Employment Benefit Trusts (EBTs) materialised in the late 1980’s.  Their original design was to allow employers to provide employees with benefits such as setting aside funds to pay redundancy and other benefits on termination of employment. An EBT is a form of discretionary trust, meaning that it is at the discretion of the trustees to make payments to a beneficiary. However, EBTs have increasingly been used for tax avoidance purposes and in turn this increases chances of being scrutinised by authorities.  Example of this includes: 

IR35 and the Contractor

IR35 refers to the notice number issued by HMRC. The implications and how to avoid being caught within the scope of IR35 are more important than what it stands for. IR35 relates to intermediaries legislation and is basically the disguising of employment using an intermediary vehicle i.e. limited company.